Summit Tutoring offers group and one-on-one preparation for students looking to advance through math in middle school and/or high school. This page is for students who are in at least 8th grade and currently taking CCM 8 (Common Core Math), Algebra 1, or Geometry in school and is looking for math advancement for the next level. Though there is no longer any single exam that determine a student’s high school math placement, students can still advance a math level if they have credit given at certain “outside courses”. Summit does NOT provide credit for this purpose, only supplemental instruction. 

*From experience, students who only take the outside courses for credit struggle to maintain a passing grade for the next math grade. Please make sure student’s foundations are solid, otherwise they may be forced to drop or even fail next year!*

-San Ramon sample list of acceptable outside courses here

-For PUSD, please visit this page for additional information on outside courses. 

-For Dublin, students can usually only take DPIE for advancement. More information about DPIE here

>Algebra 1 Test Prep: For current CCM 8 students seeking to advance through Algebra 1 to take Geometry next year. As Algebra 1 is a foundational math, we do not often suggest that students try to advance; we prefer that students take Algebra 1 at school. For any students who are interested in doing so, it is vital that their Algebra 1 foundation is very solid, otherwise they will struggle in all future math!

>Geometry Test Prep: For current Algebra 1 students seeking to advance through Geometry to take Algebra 2 next year. Many of our students advance through Geometry as they consider it “safe” to advance than Algebra 1. Regardless of your opinion on this matter, it is undisputed that students need a solid foundation in this math to do well in future match classes and standardized testing like SAT/ACT, with focus on trigonometry. 

>Algebra 2 Test Prep: For current Geometry students seeking to advance through Algebra 2 to take Precalculus/Honors Precalculus next year. We do not often suggest that students try to advance; like Algebra 1, Algebra 2 is foundation and is key to future math levels. Students must make sure their foundations are solid!

Please see our schedule and feel free to contact us for additional details: (925) 251-9888


Disclaimers: Summit Tutoring make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information posted on this website. The information presented herein is provided based on Summit Tutoring’s knowledge at the time and is to be used as reference only. Your student’s school can and will change their policies at any time without prior warning.

STC will attempt to keep this website updated, but cannot guarantee its accuracy. It is good practice to actively verify the accuracy of any information posted on this site.

It is good practice to periodically check your student’s school’s website for any changes, and to check with your student’s school before signing up for any advancement courses.

Unfortunately, STC does not provide school credit.