Summit Tutoring offers group and one-on-one preparation for students looking to advance through math in middle school and/or high school. This includes students currently in 5th grade and are seeking to advance through 6th grade Common Core math (or even further in the San Ramon School District, see below).

*Note: Passing the Placement Test is a team effort. STC will teach students concepts and provide them practice quizzes. Parents should keep track of student progress and make sure they are getting enough practice at home through completion of homework and additional review.

6th CCM Test Prep: Students who are currently in 5th grade will have a school Placement Test around April that determines which level of math their student will be placed in 6th grade. This class is designed for current 5th graders who are very strong in math and are looking to score well enough on the Placement Test so they can be placed into Accelerated or 7th Grade Common Core Math or even further the following school year.

Our 8-month test prep class will prepare 5th graders to excel in their placement tests at the end of 5th grade (usually at the end of April). Students will learn 6th Grade Common Core Math, and they will take a weekly quiz. Quiz results will be regularly sent to parents so they can keep track of student progress. Homework will be assigned regularly.

Please see below for additional information on your student’s school district.

-Students seeking to join any 5th Test Prep class must first take a diagnostic test. There is an additional fee for this test, please contact our office for more information.

6th CCM Test Prep (San Ramon):

San Ramon students can take two placement exams: as of April 26, 2019:

-The 1st test is all multiple-choice and covers only 6th Common Core math. Some questions will have multiple correct answers (ex: “All of the above”). Students scoring 80% or above in the 1st test will be placed in Course 2 math (7th CC Math) during their 6th grade. If students score 90% or above, they are eligible to take the 2nd test (see below).

-The 2nd test is part multiple-choice and part free-response, and will cover only 7th Common Core math. Students scoring 90% or above will be placed in Course 3 math (8th CC Math) during 6th grade.

Please visit the following links for more information: (look at Middle School Math section). (make sure to read the Emphasized Standards section)

*At Summit, we only offer group classes to prepare for the first Exam. Students who are interested in preparing for both exams should contact us for additional information. This class starts in Fall runs until mid-April.*

6th CCM Test Prep (Pleasanton):

Pleasanton studentswill take one placement exam with two parts. As of April 26, 2019:

-Part 1 is all multiple-choice questions. Some questions will have multiple correct answers (ex: “All of the above”). Part 2 is free response questions.

-Both parts will test only 5th Common Core math, however, students in our 5th Test Prep classes will still learn 6th CC math. Most students passed by learning the 6th CC math ahead!* Students will be placed in 6/7th CC Math if they can score at least 90% on the exam.  

Please visit the following links for more information:

*At Summit, Pleasanton students can take our 6th CCM Test Prep class, which covers 6th CC Math. This class starts in Fall and runs until mid-April.*

6th CCM Test Prep (Dublin):

As of March 2021:

-Students will be placed into a math class their 6th grade year according to their Placement Test score. Students will have to learn Common Core 6th grade math (Course 1) while they are in 5th grade in order to pass this exam. More exam information can be found here. Their middle school math pathway can be found here.

*At Summit, Dublin students can take our 6th CCM Test Prep class, which covers 6th CC Math. This class starts in Fall and runs until mid-April.*


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It is good practice to periodically check your student’s school’s website for any changes, and to check with your student’s school before signing up for any advancement courses.

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