Do you have questions about what classes your student should sign up for in high school to best prepare them for college and give them the highest chance to get into their college of choice? Should they take AP Bio or AP Chemistry? Or both? Or neither?

Are you confused about the different math and science pathways that your student has to try to navigate through? Not sure how your school’s specific rules and prerequisites work, especially when they change the rules constantly? Concerned if your students’ class selection will help them prep for application to UC or private schools?

Has your student already started on their college application essays? Many students don’t realize that their college application essays can/do make or break their application no matter what their grades/GPA/test scores are. Colleges want to know who you are as person, and numbers don’t tell them anything about that. You will need to show them the real you, and we can help with that in addition to helping with the numbers. 

We can help clear this up for you and more! Our counselors have helped many students plan for and get accepted into schools like UC Berkeley, UCLA, U Penn, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, University of Chicago and more!

Counseling can be provided by appointment only, please contact us for more information: (925) 251-9888