Summit Tutoring can provide proctoring services for many types of exams, whether they be paper or online exams. Our most requested services include proctoring final exams for BYU Independent Study and OHS (Stanford Online), but we can and have proctored exams for other schools, including the University of North Dakota, Purdue University, etc. 

We do charge a proctoring fee per exam. Current or prior tutoring students will get a discount. NOTE: retakes of exams, including for technical issues will be charged another proctoring fee. 

General instructions for exam proctoring: 

  1. Bring a photo ID for identity verification. School ID cards, drivers licenses, and passports are all acceptable. 
  2. Read and understand the final exam instructions before coming to take the exam (ex: for many BYU math finals, students are allowed to bring a calculator and one 8.5 x 11″ sheet of handwritten notes (one side only) to use for the exam). 
  3. For BYU online exams, students must know the login and password to their own BYU accounts. Students will use our computers (they cannot bring their own) to log onto their account to take the exam. 
  4. Students may bring their cell phones so they can contact their parents when they are done, but they must leave their phones with the lobby until they after they have submitted their exam. 
  5. Pay the proctoring fee(s). 

General proctoring hours: M-F 2:00-9:00pm; Sat 9:00-4:00pm; Sun closed

Note that as a proctoring center, we only provide the means to which students can take the exam. We have no control over when exams will be graded, final grades posted, transcripts sent, etc. We also do not have access to student accounts, grades, or any personal information beyond the contact information provided by the school. Please contact your student’s teacher or school directly for more information regarding those topics. 

Please contact us if you have any questions and/or to set up an appointment to proctor your students exam: (925) 251-9888. Note that we cannot set an appointment until we have received the physical exam, the digital exam, or the password to the online exam.