SAT Test

SAT Summer 2018 Schedule

Class Mock Exam Class Time Class Time Tuition Date
SAT Mr. Hui Mondays Tu-Fri   $1,880 7/9-8/3/18
July Weekdays  8:30-1:00pm 8:30-1:00pm     8/11;8/18
SAT Mr. Hui Mondays Tu-Fri  

July Weekdays  1:30-6:00pm 1:30-6:00pm     8/11;8/18
SAT Mr. Lele Saturdays Saturdays Sundays $1,680 7/7-8/18
July Sat,Sun 9:00-1:00pm 1:40-5:30pm 1:30-5:40pm   7 Weeks

Goal Test Date: 8/25/18
SAT test preparation requires hours of work and study; it is a commitment. Students will take many practice tests in order to build up their SAT vocabulary, improve their critical reading skills, learn a variety of math strategies, and work on essay format. 

Exams and essays will be scored after each exam. In class, students will do test review learn strategies, and work on practice problems.

Homework will be assigned, with the expectation that students take it seriously and finish it on time.