SAT Tutoring

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Our SAT teachers:

Mr. Chris Lele For almost six years, Mr. Lele has served as the head SAT tutor at STC, where he helped many students achieve perfect or near perfect SAT scores. He has a multitude of experience, including tutoring students in South Korea, New York, and the Bay Area. As a lead content designer at Magoosh, the leading online provider of SAT, GMAT, and GRE prep, Chris has created hundreds of questions and recorded over a 1,000 instructional videos. SAT students from all over the country has already benefited from his instruction.


Mr. Ehson Ghandehari Ehson Ghandehari graduated from UC Davis with a major in Biomedical Engineering. He received his bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering at Semnan University (Semnan, Iran), and he was awarded a master’s degree in Materials Engineering from San Jose State University. In addition, he has conducted biomedical diagnostic research at Lawrence Livermore Lab. 

Currently, he is working as a data research scientist and a tutor at STC. Since Summer 2012, he has been teaching Math classes at STC, and has experience in all levels of math, from 6th grade to SAT level.


Mr. Jonathan Hui Mr. Jonathan Hui graduated from UC Davis with a major in psychology and has been teaching at STC for years. He specializes in teaching math and SAT Critical Reading, Writing, and Essay. His most recent SAT success story is a student who, after working at another center, was unable to break 1500. Then he met Mr. Hui and scored 1540!