SUMMITA1.JPEGMs. Hancock: She teaches advance math at local middle school in San Ramon. Beside, Middle school teaching,  Mrs Hancock also teaches  Geometry and Algebra 2 at local community college. Ms. Hancock teaches Geometry preview, Algebra 1 preview during summer period at STC.


Mrs. TreffKorn: she teaches advance math at local middle school and high school. Courses she have Taught: Math 6th -8th). Algebra1, Honor Geometry.



Ms. Carolan has been teaching at middle schools and high schools in the Livermore area since 2003. Ms. Carolan teaches Algebra 1 and Geometry at the high school level. She has a BA in Economics from UCSD, an AS in Business Administration from Mesa College, and has a Multiple Subject Credential and a Single Subject Credential in Economics and is authorized to teach math and business.  She teaches 3rd, 4th and 5th grade math at STC.

Mr. Adhitya Mohan UCLA graduated in 2015, major in Math.

Mr. Chao UC Berkeley graduated 2012, major in Math.

Mr. Chris Dolan teaches at Livermore HS

Mr. Todd teaches at Livermore HS


Mr. Santos he teaches 6 – 7th grade math at STC. Mr. Santos is a math teacher at middle school in Pleasanton area.


Mr. Irwin. Mr. Irwin graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a BS in Physics, served on a nuclear powered submarine as a nuclear engineering officer, worked at Sandia National Laboratories’ Tritium Research Laboratory and trained personnel who operate the toolsets that are used to manufacture and inspect computer chips. He taught high school for eight years, including AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Statistics, Honors Precalculus and Algebra II & Trigonometry. Mr. Irwin currently tutors high school and college students in math and physics.

Mr. Ehson Ghandehari. Ehson Ghandehari is currently a PhD student, majoring in Biomedical Engineering from UC Davis.  As his research thesis, he is developing novel diagnostic biomedical devices at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, CA).  He received his bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering at Semnan University (Semnan, Iran), and he was awarded a master’s degree in Materials Engineering from San Jose State University.  He worked for two years at NASA Ames Research Center (Mountain view, CA) as a process engineering intern.  He has been teaching Math classes for different levels, from 6th grade to SAT level, since he joined STC in summer 2012.

Louis (Yihmin) LiouMr. Louis,With his advanced degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Florida, Mr. Louis have been teaching EE courses  at Northwestern Poly University( NPU), Fremont, CA since 2000.  At STC, he teaches Algebra 1, 2 and pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB and SAT II math. Mr. Louis also is an Electrical Engineer working at high tech company in San Jose.


Mrs. Wedge She teaches math at Livermore schools.

Mrs. Freitas She teaches math at Livermore schools

Mrs. Engberg She teaches at San Ramon schools.

Mrs. Carlson She is STC sub teacher who teaches at San Ramon school.