Jenna kang
She has been teaching middle school art in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District since 2005. She believes in developing both traditional drawing skills as well as open-ended problem solving skills, which is highly necessary for 21 century work force. Students will learn not only how to see as an artist and draw in proportion and correct values, but also learn to think creatively to solve various visual problems. Through engaging and challenging lessons, students have an opportunity to become more independent and competent artists.
Ms. Kang cares about each child as an aspiring artist. She will provide demonstrations and close one-on-one instruction with each student focusing on his or her needs and progress.

1 trimester: Drawing
2 trimester: Painting
3 trimester: Art Challenges

Mrs. Lee028
She has been teaching Art at Bereyassa School since 2000. Mrs. Lee offers Art 1(Elementry school level) and Art 2(Middle School level).