SAT Book Club

By far the more difficult sections of the SAT Exam are the English ones (Reading and Writing). Students have the most difficulty improving their scores in these sections and as a general rule, it takes a longer time to improve English as compared to Math. 

The exam passages that students will have to read are high-level and the most common obstacles to student progression is that the reading is too hard, and/or that they run out of time. Students are not used to reading such high-level passages and to answer questions under pressure. For school, they can do the reading and assignments at home, so schoolwork does not really prepare for the exam in this way. 

As such, we offer the SAT Book Club for students interested in getting a head start on SAT English and improving their English skills in general. Though the class is designed primarily for 10th graders looking to take our Boot Camp during summer and then the exam in August of their 11th grade, students of other grade levels can be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

The main focus of the class will be Reading Comprehension and Writing skills in general and as it relates to the SAT exam. SAT practice questions will be covered, however the main focus remains on improving the student’s Comprehension/Writing skills.

Students expectations:

  • Read and discuss passages from prominent authors such as Rousseau, Martin Luther King Jr., Plato, and Charles Darwin to name a few (exact authors subject to change based on student progress). 
    • Teachers will expect students to actively participate in class, however they can and will randomly call on students. So be prepared!
    • Have an open mind! Students will be learning about different perspectives and we hope that students can have an objective outlook in our class. Though we will teach students to approach the exam objectively, it is ultimately up to the student to be able to separate personal bias from neutral consideration. 
  • Complete reading and writing homework regularly to turn into Google Classroom for teacher review and comments. 

Please see our current schedule for additional details such as class timings and price.