Welcome to the STC 2020 Spring Online Enrollment!

  • Step 1: Fill in the registration form 

  • Step 2: Select the courses you would like to enroll in (if you did not find one then please go to Step 3)

  • Step 3: Please add your comment in the comment box. Please use this box if you cannot find your class on the list, and/or if you are registering for private tutoring. 

  • Step 4: Submit it

We enroll on first pay, first serve policy. You can either come to our office for payment options or call us to process your payment through credit card.

Please double check with your student’s schedule, your family’s vacation plans before signing up classes! We adhere firmly to our payment policy (please refer to our payment policy on our web site for details).

Example: STC will do 1. make up 2. full refund/credit back due to teachers’ absence; STC will NOT refund/make up/credit/transfer, etc.  due to students’ absence.