Spring 2023 Enrollment

Online Enrollment Spring 2023

Welcome to STC’s Spring 2023 Online Enrollment!

Step 1: Please fill in the Student Registration Form 

Step 2: Please select the courses that you would like to register your student in.

Step 3: If you have any additional questions or comments, please include them in the comment box at the end of the Google Form.

Step 4: Please check that your submission was successful (you will get an emailed response receipt).

Step 5: A staff member will contact you to provide a tuition breakdown as well as payment details. Please contact the office through email or call (925) 251-9888 if you have any questions!

When signing up for classes, please double check with your student’s schedule, your family’s vacation plans, any potential conflicts, etc. before signing up for classes! We adhere firmly to our payment policy (please refer to our payment policy here).

For example, Summit will be able to provide make ups or full refunds/credits due to teacher absences, however Summit will NOT be able to make up/refund/credit/transfer due to student absences.