AP Language

We offer AP Lnag in one on one or a small group. Students can set up appointment with our excellent high school senior TA or our teachers who specailizes in this filed. Appointment time is flexible and is on needed base. All TAs have taken AP Lang and scored well in their AP test.

STC will have registration information upload very soon. The AP Language prep cours starts from Jaunary to May.

Course description:The English-Language Arts offered at STC is based on the California State Standards. The courses emphasize critical reading, composition and speaking skills in the context of various literatures including, but not limited to short stories, poetry, drama, non-fiction and novels.  The challenging content is designed to prepare students for college level work. Varied writing assignments and projects also help prepare students for college.  The writing assignments are based on the New York Writing Project, which emphasizes developing writing styles across varied genres and across the curriculum. All students will be challenged and all students will be offered the tools necessary to be successful critical thinkers.