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November 2021 Holiday Hours: 

No group classes from Sat 11/20 to Sat 11/27 (1×1 private lessons may be scheduled as availability allows)

STC will be CLOSED on Thurs, 11/25 and Fri, 11/26. Regular business hours resume on Sat, 11/27. 

We wish everyone a happy and safe holidays!

General Hours: 

Monday – Friday: 2:00-9:00 pm

Saturdays: 9:00-4:00 pm

Sundays: Closed


  • Address: 4430 #C, Willow Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588.
  • Phone: 925-251-9888  (說中文), We speak English, Mandarin 🙂 (due to the pandemic, email is the preferred method of communication. Emails have been and will continue to be checked with greater frequency). 
  • Email: director@summittutoringcenter.com








  • Congratulations to our class of 2020 students:
    • Andrew accepted into Northwestern 
    • Justin accepted into UC Davis 
    • Michelle accepted into RISD
    • Madhav accepted into U of Chicago
    • Roy Lu accepted into the UIUC 
    • Shannon Z., Aarhan, accepted into U Penn
    • Sruthi K accepted into MIT
    • Taran K accepted into Stanford 
    • Enya accepted into RISD/Brown Univ dual program
    • Ryan Liou, Ying-Li, Aditya B, Maanuj B, Eunice, Rabail Abbas, Alex Miller, Roy Lin accepted into UC Berkeley
    • Ishaan A. accepted into WASHU
    • Chilsea Wong accepted into Brown University, UCB, UCLA
    • Neha accepted into Baylor University
    • Josephine, Praveen S. accepted into Purdue
    • William , Jennifer accepted into Cornell
    • Anusha, Archita, accepted into UW, Seattle.
    • Andrew, Derek accepted into Northwestern
    • Nathan Chan accepted into Vanderbilt University
    • Nick accepted into Texas A&M University
    • Lauria Sun, Theresa Huang accepted into Cal Tech
  • Congratulations to our SAT students on the Aug 25, 2018 exam: Eddie 1600! Alex 1590! Gene 1590! Chilsea 1580! Ying-Li 1560! Starr 1540! Asad 1520! Roy 1510! Congratulations to Varun scoring 1560 on the Oct 5, 2018 exam!
  • Congratulations to Ryan Liou, ACT 35
  • Congrats to all our 5th graders on passing their 2018 Math Placement Test: Nidhi, Pranav, Risab, Jeremy, Ethan, Issac, Vedant, Sanjana, Victoria, Srivar, Tevin, Rohan, Sanvi, Rachel, Gisela, Kevin, Olivia, Owen, Jax, Jibran
  • Congrats to Jeffrey Lin scoring 1550 on the SAT!
  • Congrats to Algebra 2 students 2016-17, 100% of STC students passed and got into PreCalculus or Honors PreCalculus! Ian: 93, Audrey: 91, Zachary: 86, etc.!


“Great news!!! Cindy and Shirley both passed the Algebra I assessment test and go straight into Geometry. Thank you so much. :)……Annie”

” Yi Cheng passed! He got an 89%! Thanks for the class! …Wai Yee”

” Wanted to let you know Anish got a 93%!  Thank you for all your support this summer.  Anish felt your class was extremely helpful…Ritu”

” Hi Maggie, Just want to let you know that Aditi passed her Math 5th grade placement test. We received letter yesterday from Pleasanton School District.  She will be doing advanced math in 6th grade. Thanks….. Kapil”

” We are happy to share with you the good news that Amogh got 95% in DVHS Geometry placement test. Thanks to you and your staff…….Hema”

“I would like to share a GREAT news with you that Jessica Ha passed the Geometry placement exam. we are very happy and produe of her accomplishment. Thank you and your staff in helping her achieve her goal….Elanina.

“Sai Rajesh scored 780 on his SAT math 2. Thanks to STC for making that happen…Shuba”

” …tomorrow will be my son last day SAT summer boot camp..the staff and teachers there are experienced, professional and dedicated….with 6 week of hard work, my son’s SAT score rose from 2080 to 2340. we truly appreciate STC’s great help. we will definitely continue sending our child to Summit Tutoring! ….Wendy L”

” …STC is very good tutoring center; the teachers are good and the staff are friendly. thier service is excellent. This summer, my son took 9th Geometry placement prep course and scored 93 at the high school real placement test!!I will continue use Summit Tutoring for my child, thank you STC!!! ….Wendy S”

“…very good service, tutoring from all staff. The office manager, Nelson is wonderful and the office director, Maggie is very honest about giving advice..I don’t know all other staff at lobby but just FYI, they are all very polite and helpful. very good customer service…S.R.”

“…Thank you STC, Ms. Hancock for teaching Jessica. She really learns Geometry. In fact not only learns but enjoys the learning experience. She like the way Ms. Hancock’s style of challenging the kids…..great job, and I am sure that partnership of STC and Ms. Hancock benefits many kids…..this is the 2nd year my kids have used STC services and we like it………..Santhakumar”

“…3 years ago, we moved from Taiwan to California….my daughter attended 10th grade at HS but she was very limited in English; she struggled at school but thanks to STC in providing all the help she needed in time. She studied her school work with STC, studied her SAT prep with STC, studied her SAT subjects/APs with STC, as well as did her college preparation with STC’s Nelson. My daughter is accepted by UC Irvine this fall; she is very very happy….Cleo”

“…I just wanted to thank you both of you, Nelson and Maggie, for allowing me work at Summit the time I did. I had great experience and I truly felt happy and comforable as a empolyee…Varun Krishnamurthy, Washington University, in St. Louis”

“…My son and we have learned so much on how to apply colleges with STC…without STC’s help, we might have overlooked  much detail that could lead to the opportunity missed; thank you, STC and thank you, Nelson! ….Melinda”

“…I wanted to update you on Rahul’s progress as he got some tutoring at Summit. He got accepted in UC Berkely, UCLA and Oxford university in UK. He will go to Oxford at the end of September, thank you!!…….Deepak”

“…I also want to say thank you for math class. It was difficult at first to make my daughter to spend 3 hours doing math, but she made some friends and she likes it now!! ….Lana”

“…Not only do we have SAT 2300+ students but two other students have increased by 490 points. That is almost 500 points! We don’t just have a good program at STC, we have a great program!…Lele”

” …Working here for two summers has really been enjoyable and rewarding. The students that I come across are motiviated to learnan and fun to teach. Futhermore the staff creates a friendly and personal experience for everyone. Summit Tutoring Center is a great place to get ahead in school and make long-lasting friendships!!! ……Steven Ryoo, UC Berkeley”